19, Again?

I am not sure how or why this came about but it’s stuck with me since I was 19 years and 11 months old. Most people have a difficult time with 40, 50 and so only however for me (go figure) I had/have an irrational fear of turning 20 and beyond. Continue reading


Authentically you?

I posted this article a few weeks back.  Let’s take a little time to answer the questions at the end. I would like you to step away from what is happening in Missouri, New York and the Middle East. Spend a little time with yourself without distractions and look within. Are you living your life as the authentic you or are you living as society expects you to? Continue reading


The number thirteen has a bad rap.  It is the number that comes after twelve and before fourteen, ten plus three, twenty minus seven and so on.  There are buildings that actually skip the thirteenth floor, seriously do they think the people on the fourteenth floor are fooled? Continue reading