Inspired by another blogger

The other day I can across a post by a fellow blogger that got me thinking, I mean really thinking. Immediately I knew I needed to explore this further. Continue reading



What is beauty? The woman who primps and preens for hours with the latest fashion, each hair in its place, a smokey eye with meticulous cat eyeliner, contoured chiseled cheeks? Continue reading

No More….

How many times can a person read that it’s the end of the year, 365 days have passed, or top 5 this or top 5 that, awards and so on. Everyone has gone mad I tell you. Statistics, numbers, data is the best way to measure your annual successes? Continue reading

New Year, New You….

Every year ambitious ideas are turned unattainable goals. Why do you think this is? Are you picking the wrong goals, do you have the time in your schedule to accommodate these goals, does it include the cooperation of others, or will it affect your finances?   Continue reading

Quit Your Complaining

Complaining has become a daily ritual for everyone, myself included. Everywhere you go people are complaining about not being able to get a doctors appointment sooner, a coworker, their child’s grades, their spouses laziness, their health, and finances. Nothing and no one is off limits but what if we took that energy and put it to fixing some people’s complaints? Continue reading

It’s Absolute Mayhem!!!!!

Parents and teachers this book is a must for your kids. The mixture of black and white pictures intertwined with bold colors and patterns is sure to keep visual interest. Vocabulary enrichment is very important for reading and comprehension skills and this book is packed with academic and robust vocabulary.

Personality traits and knowing when is a good time to behave one way and not others are difficult concepts to understand and teach. In the classroom this would be a great jumping off point for read and writes, writers workshop and vocabulary pictures, the options are endless. The book creates this through illustrations and text. The characters are portrayed with two separate and distinct personalities. Every detail throughout supports this down to their pet dog who is a character himself. The kids will wait with anticipation just to see what their pup is up to and where and when he may show up.

When Milo and Lulu get to act out there mayhem they finally realize they may have pushed it a little too far, ouch.  I look forward to many more adventures with Lulu and Milo.

I know you want this book and here’s where you can get it.

Teachers when you get back from the winter break your going to need some ammo in order to get the kids to pay attention and this book is your answer!  Have the kids come up with their own adventure for Milo and Lulu. This is a wonderful cooperative project.  How about having the kids create a new character!

Parents can stir the imaginations of their children.  Show them how to think creatively and outside the box.  Introduce them to new words and give them an advantage in school either now or when they enter. Either way you can’t go wrong. The worst that will happen is you’ll split your pants laughing.


Absolute Mayhem Author Kelly Suellentrop


Today I had to say goodbye to someone who has been supportive and instrumental with my sons progress. I know I should be happy at least content, but I am feeling anxious and wonder if my sons progress will regress. As a professional in the field I know these feelings are normal I just didn’t think I would be feeling this way. I guess I am allowed to be human sometimes….O.K. enough of that tomorrow is a new day which means new opportunities.