Saturday Stalking

Hey everyone.

I just wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow is Saturday.

Let’s share our weekly stealthy findings.

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Hooking Up

Do you want to hook up? Now, now everyone keep your pants on, for now anyway. I am talking about a blog hook up. Our blogs have minds of their own and I think they are getting lonely and could use some company.

Take a look at this page and let’s hook up!


No More….

How many times can a person read that it’s the end of the year, 365 days have passed, or top 5 this or top 5 that, awards and so on. Everyone has gone mad I tell you. Statistics, numbers, data is the best way to measure your annual successes? Continue reading

Quit Your Complaining

Complaining has become a daily ritual for everyone, myself included. Everywhere you go people are complaining about not being able to get a doctors appointment sooner, a coworker, their child’s grades, their spouses laziness, their health, and finances. Nothing and no one is off limits but what if we took that energy and put it to fixing some people’s complaints? Continue reading


Today I had to say goodbye to someone who has been supportive and instrumental with my sons progress. I know I should be happy at least content, but I am feeling anxious and wonder if my sons progress will regress. As a professional in the field I know these feelings are normal I just didn’t think I would be feeling this way. I guess I am allowed to be human sometimes….O.K. enough of that tomorrow is a new day which means new opportunities.


Word of the Week – Authentic

See I am not the only one who thinks we should be true to ourselves.

Blind Mom in the Burbs

I sat down to write this blog Monday morning as the light bulb lit up for more creative ideas on reaching my goal of 75 blogs in 75 days.  I’m a little behind, so in my attempts on catching up and staying, “Authentic,” I’ve decided to start each week off with a vocabulary word.

A is for Authentic.

Merriam Webster defines, “Authentic,” as being exactly as appears or as claimed.

Synonyms; bona fide, certiviable, certified, dinkum, acht, genuine, honest, pukka, real, right, sure enough, and true.

Antonyms; bogus, counterfeit, fake, false, phony, pseudo, sham, spurious, suppositious, supposititious, unauthentic, and unreal.

I define, “Authentic,” as staying true, true to oneself, true to the cause, true to the experience, true to the emotion, and true to others.

I feel as if I am more authentic to myself and to others when I have my long white cane with me.  The cane is…

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IMG_0837.PNGI read a post that stopped me dead in my tracks, not “wow, that was a great post” nope. Unfortunately, it was the cringe worthy type. The author was a girl turning 21 and she STILL hadn’t found her “soul mate.” She’s obviously seen 100 to many Disney movies. I know bad Stacey for pointing this out. I’ll go stand in the corner. I know I am not the only one who has come across a post or two that has made you scratch your head, caused you to get the hiccups from laughing so hard or worse wished you had on Depends.

What post has caused you to rub your eyes to see if you read it correctly? this should be interesting……


We did it!

Yes, we did it.  Two visually impaired women navigated the mall, the parking lot, and a Tex-Mex restaurant and back again.  Now this shouldn’t be such a big deal but for us it was like a coming out experiment.  You see I have only been legally blind for less than three years and the first year I hibernated since I was in denial and just a complete mess.  This year I’ve sought assistance at my local Lighthouse.  They offer visually impaired people mobility training, technology, kitchen, and daily living assistance that enable us to regain our independence.

My mobility trainer is “the man”.  I’ll refer to him as “M”.  “M” would meet with me at home and then we went everywhere.  He gave me the confidence to take the city bus by myself and know that I can do whatever I put my mind to it just may require advanced planning.  “M” and I completed mobility training in a record 3 and 1/2 months.  I felt on top of the world.