Equality, fairness, opportunity, support, candor, and IDEA. I’ve spent the better of two decades ensuring that students and their families not only received everything that was entitled to them under the law.  I stood by the parents making sure their voices were always in the forefront.

Unfortunately in schools today parents are being strong armed into placing their children in classrooms, programs, and alternate schools.  This needs to stop.  The priority and focus needs to be the student and I have and can help making sure that happens.

Popularity isn’t a concern of mine I’ve been disliked by many principals, school boards and school district attorney’s however I was always right by doing what was in the best interest of the students and their families.

Is your child struggling in school either academically, socially perhaps both? Are you having trouble communicating with school and district staff? Do you feel out numbered? Are you sure your child is receiving ALL the services they are legally entitled to?

As an advocate for parents, students, even educators I know the “lingo”, the laws, behavior modification, social skills, creating IEP’s, even academic techniques. I’ve successfully worked with families since 1997 turning negative situations into successful relationships focused on student success. Don’t spend another minute worrying if your child is receiving the minimum requirements. Don’t sit through another meeting feeling hopeless. Don’t worry every time the phone rings I will work with you, your child, the teachers, specialists, and school district personnel. I can and will help you and your child have a successful educational experience. They are entitled to this under the law.

Stacey Landau




4 thoughts on “Consulting

  1. Hello, Stacey, Thank you for liking “Rethinking” on lifeaftersight.
    I say, write your story. It will have the elements that seem “usual,” which will help people relate to you; then it will have the uniqueness that makes it yours and interesting.
    Meanwhile, keep living and building that story. Hannah


    • Hannah,
      Thank you for your insight. I am just starting out and will be telling my story. Knowing that others have similar experiences is comforting and inspiring. Thank you for taking the ride with me.


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