Saturday Stalking January 31st

This event was created for two reasons to introduce bloggers to new blogs and to highlight posts that stood out from the rest therefore giving recognition to those bloggers. I hope you are introduced to new and interesting blogs that inspire you.

This week I had a hard time choosing just 1 blogger and post however after rereading several blogs there is one that needs to be seen by others. In today’s society with all the anger, death, tragic and unnecessary attacks we must start looking beyond the superficial and unimportant.  As humans we have the capacity to understand, empathize and band together for the greater good unfortunately this behavior isn’t acted upon in our day-to-day actions.

We have become lazy, selfish, and entirely to competitive that we have lost sight of what is important and makes us human.  Somewhere along the way our priorities have become skewed that our purpose is corrupt.

This blogger isn’t making excuses instead she takes action. One particular post caught my attention because of her strength and honesty that I believe others can learn from.

Saturday Stalking recommendation

I hope you take a look at her stories and thank you for stalking with me.



One thought on “Saturday Stalking January 31st

  1. Thank you so much for the mention and the recommendation! I am honored and I appreciate your kind words. It’s always scary to share personal stories, but to know others found them helpful is such a blessing. Happy stalking indeed. I look forward to future finds 🙂


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