Bargain and Tip

Every store, website, and company run sales unfortunately they’re never on the items you want when you want them. Finding true bargains requires time and research.
Recently I decided that purchasing a mobile kitchen island would be very beneficial for me. I researched my options in order to narrow down the features I did and did not want and began my quest for a deal. Once I chose the two possible items I felt would work for me I began to look at places and sites where I could get the best deal. The process took a total of 3 weeks from the onset until I found my deal. The island was purchased from I had looked at amazon, wayfair, ebay, and other major retailers.

Don’t just delete store emails at first glance. Most stores send discount coupons and codes with expiration dates however off season items and after holidays they will send ones without an expiration date. I always check out the date and delete them if they have a date and I won’t be needing them. Once I find them that are without an expiration I save it to my documents in a folder under the stores name. I had an email from Overstock for 20% off and free shipping. After looking into when they ran sales to see what their cycle was in hopes I could benefit I waited until they started reducing their kitchen and furniture items and was able to snap up the island for $80.00 less than any other retailer.

Where do you find your best deals?


3 thoughts on “Bargain and Tip

    • Thank you for stopping by. You are a very gifted photographer. Keep up the great work. I love your blog’s set up. Did you hire someone to design and set it up for you?



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