What is beauty? The woman who primps and preens for hours with the latest fashion, each hair in its place, a smokey eye with meticulous cat eyeliner, contoured chiseled cheeks? How about a high tight backend, lifted faces and eyebrows making a woman look shocked? Breasts that are round no longer tear drop shape and stand at attention without the aid of an underwire or padding?

In 2015 this seems to be the popular definition. I think beauty is all around us each and every day not the way it’s portrayed in movies, on television, in magazines and emulated by society.
Have you ever watched the sunset? Just picture the colors of orange, red, yellow and amber coming together then suddenly disappearing leaving a moon that glistens on the waters and ripple sending waves crashing onto the sand. Baby animals that squeak and squeal for their mother or dolphins jumping in an out of the water dancing.  The moment a couple learns they are bringing a life into this world. When they’re eyes meet the babies for the first time.  Watching a childs first steps and words. The unconditional love that causes an adult to do something they would punish someone else for.  When people realize they have finally conquered a fear or met a goal once thought unachievable. A child deaf since birth hears their voice for the very first time.

A sunset                                

This girl just heard her voice for the very first time.

This girl just heard her voice for the very first time.

Beauty is in nature and the natural order of life. My wish is for society take the time to focus on true beauty not stereotypical beauty.



4 thoughts on “Beauty?

  1. Your picture of the deaf girl hearing made me cry. I agree about your description of beauty. I mean it’s difficult to explain why something is beautiful. I like to fine beauty in my everyday life and I am looking for it in the faces of babies “asking” for contact with their loved ones or just a piece of architecture or kitchenware.

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    • I think beauty is all around us. The fact that the sun comes up each day is beauty. The trees blowing in the wind gracefully is beauty. The laughter of children is beauty. Appreciation is key and many lack it. I appreciate what I have and what’ s around me but sometimes it’s hard for people who haven’t lived through their life challenge yet to understand.


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