Dear Neighbor

Dear Neighbor,

The effort you have put into your holiday decorations is fascinating. While I admire your creativity I also enjoy being able to hear my TV or music, my phone ring, and to be able to sleep in darkness. It’s astonishing how elaborate and resourceful you have been in creating such a town wonder that the latest city attraction is now on our once quiet and peaceful street. I miss the days when I could get the mail in my p.j.’s because no one would notice. Do you remember when you didn’t need help getting in and out of your driveway or when the street didn’t look like a highway? My son misses being able to ride his bike without maneuvering around the now obstacle course of people and cars that daily line our street. I miss having a few moments to myself since he is now inside constantly complaining that he can’t play outside.

Would you consider either allowing my son to assist you daily with your attraction, not lighting up 7 days a week all 3 months, hiring people to assist with the traffic and taking it down before February 1st?

Possibly next year you could add wine and sleeping pills to your extravaganza for your neighbors.


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