New Year, New You….

Every year ambitious ideas are turned unattainable goals. Why do you think this is? Are you picking the wrong goals, do you have the time in your schedule to accommodate these goals, does it include the cooperation of others, or will it affect your finances?  

Setting goals is difficult to do and most of us set goals only to fail. When we fail at these goals we feel even worse than we did when we set the goals. Part of the reason we fail is because our goals are too lofty. To set goals and achieve them it’s best to have a long term goal and short term goals. Let’s say your goal is to lose 30 pounds why not break it down to smaller attainable targets. If your new goal is to lose 10 pounds it becomes achievable and motivating. Once you meet your 10 pound goal create another goal to lose 10 or 15 pounds. This retains your motivation and success due to your previous success.

Your goals need to be realistic, well thought out and motivate you. The amount of goals matters as well. Categorizing goals is extremely helpful for achievement. Some categories you could use are: Career, Financial, Family, Health, Attitude, Personal, Education/Training. There are many more but that depends on individual needs. Add a time table to your categories. You could break the year into quarters, seasons or by weeks. Maybe you want to work on your Personal and Health goals until the end of February. During the last week in February you will need to access your progress tweak any counterproductive behaviors and plan for your upcoming goals and categories.

This doesn’t mean that ambitious goals should be ignored but your time frame needs to be adjusted. Creating long term goals will help you stay focused on where you want your life to go. It wouldn’t be realistic to set a goal for you to be the vice president at your work place by the end of the year if you are in an entry level position and are without the academic qualifications needed for that position. Instead you should hone in on your educational goals. Make that your priority. Creating a to do list helps you work towards a successful result. When you meet a challenge cross it out that way you will see your success and remain focused and motivated.

Life gets in the way of your plans and there is nothing you could do to stop it or see it coming. You can’t help when a family member is suffering or you have to go out of town abruptly but it also doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay on track or modify your to do list during these times. Once life resumes simply go back to your daily routine. How you maneuver through and stay on track or pick things up exactly where you left them brings you closer to your goals.

We are all human and make mistakes. Remember that you won’t meet every goal and you probably will go AWOL for a bit which is completely normal. Goal setting helps you focus and change how you get things accomplished in your life. Changing behaviors and routines is not easy so don’t beat yourself up on instead learn from your actions. Instead learn from your experiences to refocus and modify your future actions in order to meet your goals.

I hope this helps you plan and reach your goals in the upcoming year. If anyone has more they would like to add please comment so others can benefit from your advice.


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