Quit Your Complaining

Complaining has become a daily ritual for everyone, myself included. Everywhere you go people are complaining about not being able to get a doctors appointment sooner, a coworker, their child’s grades, their spouses laziness, their health, and finances. Nothing and no one is off limits but what if we took that energy and put it to fixing some people’s complaints?

There are children without families, elderly in assisted living facilities, and the homeless out on the street. Couldn’t you do one thing for one of these people and make a difference? Wouldn’t some ones complaints lesson if we just brought some unwanted or unused clothes to the homeless shelter, drop off toys that are new or in excellent condition to a shelter for kids, bring card games, word searches or magazines to the elderly make a difference?

Imagine volunteering sometime to feed the homeless or spend an hour or so at one of the facilities. How about the kids who are in the hospital over the holidays or kids who live in hospitals due to severe life threatening illness, do you think you could spend a little time, drop off a few craft items, or Lego’s, board games, coloring materials, make up sets, or sports cards?

My point is there are people who have so much they could complain about and don’t. If you were to stop looking within and look out to the world you would see that these few people don’t spend their time complaining. They spend time with one another laughing, joking, playing, reading, and caring for those they care about. What if this was you? How would you feel if a stranger brought something for you to use while sick in the hospital or your child, do you think it would make a difference?

I know for me it did. When I was thirteen I had to live in the hospital for a few months and have spent time in an out of hospitals since. Two years ago my son was in the children’s ICU over the holidays and I spent every minute with him. All my son wanted was to go home and lay in his own bed. On his fourth day a group of volunteers came by and asked my son if they could read a book to him. That was the first time in days I saw him smile. As the volunteer read the book my son was engaged, inquisitive and full of life. This was better than the medicine pumping through his IV’s. At the end they gave the book to my son. He was so happy and asked when they would be back. I know they get this question from each kid so they were prepared with an answer. The man and woman said they were actually helping Santa out since the hospital didn’t have a chimney, so Santa wanted him to have the book and then they handed him a stuffed animal and a wrapped gift. They told him he had to wait to open it but if I wanted to go home and bring something back and they would be willing to stay with my son so. I chose to stay with my son since he is adopted and doesn’t trust many people. He needed me to be with him and that is what I did.

People who do these kind and selfless acts are angels. They have no clue how they help lift people and give them renewed strength to overcome their obstacles. Who wouldn’t want to be an angel? I know I would rather be an angel than a grumpy and complaining selfish individual.

My challenge for everyone during this holiday season is to pick one selfless act that you or you and your family can do to lift up a person who really has the right to complain. Pass this post around so we can start a selfless act chain.  Then comment with what your selfless act will be and create a post once completed. Make sure you link your post back to this so everyone can find and read about your results. Please, please take the time to lift someone up, it could always be you.



2 thoughts on “Quit Your Complaining

  1. My huSband went through his closet the other day and everything that didn’t fit we are going to donate to the Seventh Day Adventilist Community Center on 47th where we go occasionally to get food. They have clothes where you can get 3 pieces once a month per family member.


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