Going, going, gone…..

As I walk around my house tripping on a dog toy, then another and another after that, then came the giant dog bones one after another that I couldn’t tell you how many, it hit me that my dogs are treated better than I am. One example is when it comes to sleeping. I have one bed, Hank my goldador has 4 beds and Rocky my pug has 4 as well and they both share 2 really large beds that they lay on together.

Today my goldador is going to the spa. Not just any spa, no not for my guy, he is going to the one where they have homemade gourmet treats which they make in their own bakery. I have to admit they actually smell good and look like a large cookie. Not a dog “cookie” it looked like a cookie you would buy at a bakery or during the holidays at the supermarkets decorated with festive colors.

First he will get to meet and play with the other spa clients, sniff some butts, lick some faces and chew on bones. His treatments start off with an oxygenated H2O rinse, of course the water is just the right temperature. The first, yes first round of shampoo is vigorously massaged in by not one but two people. I don’t know about you but I have never had the opportunity to receive a massage by two people at one time. I am imagining having the aches and pains rubbed out of my neck and back at the same time seems heavenly. But enough about me, after Hank’s first round of bubbles and oxygenated H2O is completed he is treated to an aroma therapy bubble bath. I wonder if it smells like bacon or peanut butter for my sake I hope not.

Next is his posing time because when those fans start blowing his hair sways from one side to the other. He is very handsome so I wonder if I should charge them? I guess not since he still has more primping to do. While one person clips and buffs his nails another is telling him he is a good boy and probably giving him a treat or two. I feel bad for them because if anyone is within licking distance their sunk. Hank has a problem controlling his liquor.  I put him on a 12 step program a few months back and he hasn’t made it past step 2. However the good side of that is that he is two steps higher than he was.  See, there’s always a bright side to everything.

The last session of his spa package includes trimming up his hair. Since he’s part golden retriever he has long hair on his body. He has a tailhawk, leghawks and a stomachhawk, just picture mohawks standing up and out from those body parts. His shiny black coat is much thicker and bulkier than a Labrador but thankfully not as much a full bred golden. He does shed in fact he sheds so much that I wonder if he thinks Chinese Crested’s are standing in line waiting for it.

After all that he smells heavenly, shines so much it’s blinding and is one happy boy. I haven’t picked him up yet but I bet he will have a decorative bandana and some extra cookies to take home.  Hopefully I’ll stop myself from trying one since they look so much like bakery cookies. I know, I’ll tell my son I went to the bakery.

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4 thoughts on “Going, going, gone…..

  1. Wayyyyyyy too funny. I read this to my son and girlfriend, they were in stitches. In our house this holds so true. If I could afford to, I would have my babies on 6 week schedules for spa day, and they would just love it. They have coordinated outfits for each holiday, I never spend full price on their clothes, but they always look so fashionable. With my baby girl looking the best of course.


    • You need to share pictures of your babies all dressed up. I used to dress up my boy and girl pug but since she passed away I only use bandanas for my boys now. Thanks for your comments they mean so much to me.



  2. Of course your dogs have it better than you do, that’s the way it’s supposed to be. At least my dog, Kali (a.k.a. Princess Prancing Wiggle Butt) thinks so. I am mostly her chauffeur and exercise partner. She goes to doggy day care one day a week, gets three dog park play-days a week, two to three short neighborhood per day along with one ‘long-walk’ in the woods–where she frequently finds dead, putrefying things to roll in.

    Hmmm — Now that I think about it, the doggy spa day might be a smart, worthwhile addition. She’d hate it (not the cookies, just the bath) but I’d love for somebody, other than me, to wrestle her into the tub.

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    • Stacey,

      Princess wiggle butt has it better than the Queen. When I am reincarnated as a dog, which I will be since I like them better than people, will you be my mommy? I love pink and everything sparkly!



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