IMG_0837.PNGI read a post that stopped me dead in my tracks, not “wow, that was a great post” nope. Unfortunately, it was the cringe worthy type. The author was a girl turning 21 and she STILL hadn’t found her “soul mate.” She’s obviously seen 100 to many Disney movies. I know bad Stacey for pointing this out. I’ll go stand in the corner. I know I am not the only one who has come across a post or two that has made you scratch your head, caused you to get the hiccups from laughing so hard or worse wished you had on Depends.

What post has caused you to rub your eyes to see if you read it correctly? this should be interesting……


2 thoughts on “Rantings

  1. One of the first things in my newsfeed this morning was a photo of about 12 or 13 guys holding guns next to a spray-painted sign that says “Drunks with Guns U-Loot We Shoot” . . . I’m wondering if they are the drunks with guns, or the warning is to drunks with guns. Either way, by the way they’re holding the guns, some of them need to re-take their hunter safety class!

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