Authentically you?

I posted this article a few weeks back.  Let’s take a little time to answer the questions at the end. I would like you to step away from what is happening in Missouri, New York and the Middle East. Spend a little time with yourself without distractions and look within. Are you living your life as the authentic you or are you living as society expects you to? If one person, then another and so on decided to live life as their true selves and for what makes them authentically happy, could that change how our society functions with appearances first and everything else secondary?

Please consider passing on this post. How great would it be to get people all over the world to take a few moments to find out who they really are and want to be?

All of us have those moments when we say “now what?” We can’t imagine things being worse or getting better for that matter.

Watching the news is depressing and reading the local paper is just as bad. Everything around you promotes negativity.Well snap out of it!  You have air in your lungs and blood flowing through your veins which means you can take the negative “now what” and turn it into “now what!.” The glass isn’t half empty it’s almost full people. You have the choice, you have the freedom to alter your path.

Tonight I sat among a group of people who are reinventing themselves, starting another journey, and learning a new way to enjoy life.  They could sit at home feeling sorry for themselves, hiding out as if there was something wrong with them, drink, take drugs and even harm themselves.

It could be your father, cousin, brother, you or your child.  We never know if tomorrow will come for, us we assume but there isn’t a guarantee. Certainly you know someone who took their last breath suddenly and way to early.  Do you know when your last moment is, I certainly don’t. Will you have achieved what you set out to and is that even really important?

Does the car you drive, the clothes you wear, vacations you take, and the house you live in define you?  Imagine losing one of those luxuries how different would your life be? What if your home was half the size and your car only worked when it felt like it, your clothes were hand me downs and your shoes had holes in them would it matter? I am sure most of you would say yes it matters.  It certainly would change your financial, social and daily living status but would it really matter?

The brilliant people that surrounded me tonight know that it doesn’t matter at all.  People and connections are about what matter. Do you listen with your heart to see how great people truly are? Do you judge someone by the way they look or the clothing they wear? How about what their house looks like?  Our society is obsessed with their appearances and will not stop trying to improve it by enlarging their breasts, vacuuming out their abdomens, lifting their cheeks, eyes or bottom lines.

Try imagining life without mirrors. I know the thought of that makes your knees weak.  Some wouldn’t know how to function and what their self worth was without mirrors.  I have a secret to tell you, IT’S NOT ABOUT WHAT YOU SEE IN THE MIRROR.

Beauty comes from people who act when they don’t have to but who want to. Those who do so and go against public opinion and the norm. Beauty is the preschooler who sits next to the child crying in the corner and asks “what’s the matter?”  Beauty is the homeless person who shares a piece of bread.  Beauty is the young man who gives his seat up so the elderly woman can sit.

Beauty is the people I spent my night with.

Tell me, could you live just one day without mirrors, without being able to see what someone looks like, what they wear, the car they drive? Do you think it would affect how you “see” people?


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