Raising a Black Boy


I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been asked “how are you going to raise a black boy?” or “don’t you think that your ill equipped to raise a black kid?”  I feel the same way most parents feel regardless of color. As a society we need to ignore race, ethnicity, disability and look at the individual.  We are not our ancestors, we are not fighting their battles.  We are the beneficiaries of their fights and should act the part.

Yes their are people rioting, breaking the law and destroying peoples livelihood but its not because of their color its because they havent been taught a better way.  My son is black and wouldn’t consider acting that way.  Why because he knows I would hold him accountable.  I refuse to perpetuate the angry, violent, thug mentality and instead raise a polite, respectful and educated young black male.

So instead of asking me “how am I going to raise a black male?” ask me “how am I going to raise my son?”


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