Moms Need Support

Today’s moms are being compared to moms from the ’50’s and ’60’s.  That is unrealistic and absurd because lifestyles today are nothing like they were then. Moms today hold fulltime jobs outside the home.  The majority, yes majority of moms today are single moms.  Some single moms are fortunate and receive monetary assistance from their child’s father but many do not.  Sadly some fathers for reasons of their own do not interact, or care for their child/children on a regular basis.  Moms today are moms, heads of household, financiers, cooks, housekeepers, fathers, emotional support, and career women just to name a few.  So how on earth can we compare the two?  Comparing apples and pomegranates is not possible.

I often hear mothers from the ’60’s and ’70’s complain about “todays” mothers and parenting.  They obviously cease to realize that todays children have access to just about everything and now parents need to be cyber cops to.  No matter how much we monitor our kids on social media they will find a way to connect to sites, music or people that we forbid them to access otherwise.  Obviously these mothers from yester year think their darlings didn’t break any rules or experiment with someone or something that wasn’t in their best interest.  Please, stop disillusioning yourselves.

Parenting today is unwieldy.  Parents are afraid to actually parent since raising your voice in public, speaking very sternly, or even worse physically holding anything other that your childs hand can get you reported.  To make matters even more difficult their are parents with special needs children that require specific actions in order for their child to understand and respond. Some need to make sure their child has their arm at all times for safety reasons either theirs or the publics.  What about the mom who is trying to calm down her child that is suffering a severe behavior, conduct or mental disorder?

I worked with these parents and children for almost two decades and on behalf of them please stop and think before you make that call and wreak havoc on a parent who has several plates full.  There are parents who are verbally, physically and emotionally damaging their children even starving them.  Please, please report them.  I will personally lend you my phone to do so.

In the future I will add content about the success I have had with all the special needs children I worked with, the ones no one else cared to or wrote off.  Some of my kids are still in my life and we have become an extension of our own families.


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