Welcome to my crazy life and thanks for joining me on this journey.  People say all the time I should write a book and tell my story.  Honestly I am not sure what makes my story so interesting and worthy of sharing. Life has its ups and downs that all of us face. Truth is none of us know what each other has faced and that’s okay. Our experiences have a tendency to kick us in the ass and then knock us off our feet.  What we do from then on is all a choice that paves the road to our future existence.

At this very moment my life is not at all what I had planned or expected it to be.  However I have accepted where my life is and try to be better each day than I was the day before.  My blog will make you laugh, cry, scream and hopefully intrigue you.  You may agree or disagree and I welcome your thoughts.

I look forward to interacting with each other. Now I must go and learn how to do all of this.

Bye for now,


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